Some days ago, i shared a post against ” Dr sherbaz Kulachi, Kulachi Medical Complex”. Dr Sherbaz Kulachi accomplished an operation of my ” Khala” without verification of actual disease. Its was tumour and mostly it symptom of Cancer. Dr Sherbaz kulachi started the operation without any hesitation bcz he was only concern with money. After a week , Pain started and when we checked him again, he does not inform them anything and admit them in Kulachi Hospital. They stayed in Kulachi Hospital for 2 days in which no care is taken by Dr sherbaz kuchali & his staff. After two days, pain is not reduced. Even after that, they decided himself for checkup to Dr.Muzaffar Gopang (General Surgeon Nishter Hospital). DR. Muzaffar just visited the patient and informed that it is cancer and cancer has been spread all around due to operation. He was shocked when he listen that a MBBS& FCPS Dr operate the patient without verification of disease. He just not give abuse but he was so much annoyed on Sherbaz Kulachi. He referred to Dr. Kaleem Ullah Qaisrani just to take the piece/mass of that tumour to send it in laboratory for testing. If Sherbaz asked at that time for testing and give the piece to patient companion, then 3 weeks can be saved and actual disease also be determined but he did not care of it.

My Khala passed away a week ago due to his operation. Allah knows better every thing & it’s was her fate but Kulachi’s attitude towards patient rose up a lot of questions.
Dr. Muzaffar Gopang ( General surgeon Nishtar Hospital) & SkMH Dr’s has a lot of concern on her surgery and they were so much annoyed that how did doctor operate the patient without verification of actual disease. If he had operated then why did he not send the mass/Sample for lab testing to know about the Cancer.
Dr. Gopang & Dr. Kaleem Ullah Qaisrani also tell me that it is our basic medical Rule that every mass/Piece must be send to laboratory to know about actual reason/nature of disease but he violated all the basic rule of medical just to get his money.
It is my humbly request to all brothers that plz do not operate any patient by Dr Sher Baz Kulachi if you want to save the patient. I know that it was written in my Khala ‘s fate but at least it’s my responsibility to tell all brothers about it.

I pray to God to give enough strength to her family members to bear this profound grief & may the departed soul rest in peace. Ameen.

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